We can help develop a workshop program for you, or your organisation.  We are lucky to work with professional artists throughout Australia and NZ who are actively running their own programs and we can help manage these to work with you.  We try and make it really easy by helping connect you or manage the entire process for you, so you have the best experience possible.  Are you an artist yourself?  Would you like to be added to our artists register?  Visit our registration page for more information. 


Art and Wellbeing have managed various arts projects from workshops, exhibitions, co producing arts spaces to our own annual arts event, so we understand what it takes.  We work with you to make your idea come to life and also help manage your project to make sure it's a success.


Running a successful event takes a lot of work and planning.  We understand what's needed to take an idea and make it a reality!  We have developed and launched our own annual arts event as well as managed various events in Australia and NZ.  We can help from the ideas stage, through to the planning, logistics and launch.  We can help you manage everything from your branding and online presence, through to emergency, risk and safety planning to event logistics and delivery.  


Sometimes you might just need some direction and advice, we'd love to help.  Having someone to bounce ideas off is sometimes all we need to reignite a project or idea.  We love coffee and love to talk, so let's get together.